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5 Benefits of Exterior Painting On Your Home

Exterior Painting Woodbury MNWe know there are endless benefits to updating the exterior painting on your home or business. We live and breathe these reasons and have built a business off of them. For you, as the homeowner, it’s important to be educated on how much maintaining the integrity of your home’s exterior can truly benefit you in the long run. We live and work in our community, as a Woodbury painting company, we understand the importance of maintaining your property’s value and appearance in Woodbury. We put together this list to help educate our community. Enjoy!

1. Increases Your Home’s Value
Major renovations, such as a new paint job, can increase your property’s value. If you are considering selling your home or just want to maintain it’s value, a fresh paint job can do wonders.

2. Curb Appeal
It goes without saying that updating the appearance of your home instantly up levels the aesthetic and creates a “wow” factor when you look at your home.

3. Protection Against the Elements
A huge benefit to a new paint job is hiring a painter that uses the highest quality products, like us! If a painting company is using high-quality paint, the paint can actually resist outdoor elements that would otherwise damage it.

4. Increase Your Siding’s Lifetime
This is a fun fact that we like sharing with our customers who are considering an exterior paint job! By updating your siding’s paint, you’re actually increasing the lifetime of your siding by YEARS. This ultimately saves you, the customer, thousands of dollars, rather than having to replace your siding.

5. Personalize Your Home
For the homeowners who have moved into a pre-owned home, it’s not often their home’s exterior is the exact color they want it to be. Exterior Painting allows you to personalize your home to the exact color you envisioned.

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